February 27, 2015

Just a quick note for today to get everyone caught up a bit. Our web site; under locations is not up to date as of today, I will be updating soon with our location in Crawford county
Illinois and some other pictures of what we have going on . The last 3 years have been good in farming and we have been able to expand into Crawford county. We are now in the process of building
a much larger shop at our home location at St. Francisville. We have out grown it over the last several years with the size of equipment these days. With our new shop we will be able to get more
than one piece of equipment in at one time to work on and do general maitenence. Our current shop was built in 1977, just 6 years after I got out of high school. We are also in the process of
building a 250000 bushel bin at our Indiana site, with it we will have plenty of room to hold all of the Indiana production at that site, and have room for expansion. We maintain the ability to
always get our crop out of the field in a timely manner by not waisting time in the fall by waiting at the elevator. We also like to get done early to get all
neccesry fieldwork done and be able to lay field tile and other jobs to improve our land. I always like to work with the land owners that we farm for as well as our own land to improve it in
what ever way that we can. As well as our farm growing my family as also expanded, I now have 6 grand children ages 1-12, lots of help. I have built all our prescription farm maps for planting
for the year , which we have been doing for 5 years now, and in the process of now building the nitrogen prescription at this time for the up coming planting season. Everyone else at the farm
has been hauling our 2014 production to elevators and ethenol plant.

I will be updating the site more very soon it is a great way to keep our land owners up to date and also keep land investors up to date.

Thanks for reading this blog; Dennis Ivers

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