March 4 2015



Thought I would try adding some pictures to our blogs and see how it works out.
I have included a pictures of us putting rock into a trench for one of our latest irrigation rigs to get across a surface drainage ditch. there is a picture of the footer of our new 250000 bushel bin being built and also a picture from a couple a years ago when we were trying to beat the storm by getting this wheat field harvested, and you can see the bean planter is in the field close behind, what a buetiful picture, the storm slid to the north and we got it done
We have been having a revival at our church this week with Tom Weaver as the speaker from Mississippi, it has been very up lifting.
And some bad news last night, the ladies club at St.Francisville owns the old log cabin on the end of main street where there are dinners and meetings held, it is very dear to wife Julies heart. A drunk ran completely into it and took out the front. It can be fixed and nobody was hurt, because nobody was in the cabin at the time, thank God for that

As always thanks for reading; Dennis

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