July 21 2015

IMG_0002 A lot has happened since my last blog. The Wabash river has been up for what seams like forever now. We lost 1600 to 1700 acres total. Two foot less of a crest at Mt.Carmel, which was 25.8, we would not have lost but 230 acres but 2 foot more and it would have been another 1000 acres. We did plant 150 acres of beans over on irrigated land in Illinois on July 18, and then 25 acres not irrigated where corn flooded out on July 20. I think the irrigated will be worth harvesting if it doesn’t freeze out, but the other I don’t know. Most of our other crops look good, and prices have came up some, so as it happens most of the time things will work out fine in the end.
Our big bin project in Indiana is all but completed, we wont have it all full this year, but it will be ready for 2016!
The concrete for our new shop and truck parking building finaly got done about two weeks ago, the rain also really gave those guys fits.
Morton is now putting up the building itself, they think it will take about 6 weeks. IMG_0003IMG_0433IMG_1512

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