January 5, 2017

Been along time since our last blog. During 2016 our farm continued to grow; we are now farming 10,000 tillable acres.
We have been in our new shop and office since November 2015, and now wonder how we got along without it, it is so nice to have plenty of shop and office room and really are loving the warmth of the heat in the floor. Our shop was built by Morton and it is so very tight, would not want it any different. 2016 was a year of a very good bean crop and a good corn crop. For us the further we went north the better it was. Going through a time of not such good corn prices, but that is the way farming has always been ,up and down.
Have posted a few new pictures, and will try and do more, trying to figure out how to post vidios, we have really good ones of spring and harvest with our drone.

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