Feb 5,2018

The 2017 farming season turned out to be one of the best crops we have had. Despite the dry spell from June 23 to July 23 with only about 3 tenths of a inch of rain we still managed to have the best corn average yield that we had ever raised, and the bean crop was near the top. Profit levels are low because of the low commodity prices.
We continue to add more irrigation units each year, where it is possible.
Our long time employee Jarrod Banks has left us as a full time employee and now works part time with us. We are glad to have him when we can.
We have just this week added Cory Funk to our operation. He comes to us with 15 years of working on a farm, we feel that he will be a great asset to our operation.
During the winter months we keep 5 trucks busy hauling our grain off, and it is a busy time getting all the equipment ready for the upcoming season. This is also the time of year that we make all of our plans for 2018 and building perscription maps for planting as well as nitrogen applications.
We are going to be drilling another water well this week in hopes of finding enough water to put in another 165 acre pivot.

Until next time //Dennis Ivers

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